Leaking Taps

Leaking TapsThat constant drip, drip, drip, drip driving you nuts?

Taps are probably the most crucial, yet the most exploited part of our homes plumbing system. Over time and with excessive use, taps can become squeaky, hard or begin to drip. Yet, we are all guilty of turning a blind eye to dripping or leaking taps and pushing the repair work to a later date.

But have you ever wondered how much water is being wasted every day due to just one or two leaking taps in your home? Can you image how much leaky faucets and tap washers are costing you in water bills month over month?

Just as much as a nuisance leaking taps can be, they not only stain major appliances in your home, let air in so your pipes start to make noises but it also results in wasting several gallons of water for which you are actually paying for.

It’s time to say “No” to water wastage!

As fully qualified and licensed Emergency Plumbers in Central Coast New South Wales, we have the tools and expertise required to fix or replace all kinds of leaking taps, leaky faucets and ceramic tap washers in an efficient manner.

Our professional plumbers in Umina Beach, central coast NSW can help you get rid of water wastage and damage caused to your appliance or property due to leaking taps.