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Solar Hot Water Systems – Solar Water Heaters & Installation Costs

Expert Solar Hot Water System Installers in Umina Beach Area

All Ways Plumbing specialise in solar hot water heating systems, enabling you to replace or boost your current hot water needs without breaking the bank. Solar hot water systems are now much more affordable, way more efficient and with rising energy prices, much more value for money in a shorter time.

Using solar power just for your hot water makes sense, heating water is one of the most fuel-consuming parts of our energy usage. Supplementing your existing system with a rooftop solar system will start to reduce your bills immediately without the huge cost of switching entirely t solar for all your power.

Talk to your local experts at All Ways Plumbing for some honest advice and an in-depth quote o a solar hot water system today.

Rooftop Solar Hot Water Systems

A rooftop system is currently the most popular mainly because they are a bit more affordable but some people find them unsightly. They are quick and easy to install and as they are one single unit they are also easy to maintain and reliable.  This means there are no pipes going through your home connecting the tank to the heater as they are all in one.

Slimline Split Solar Hot Water Systems

These systems split the solar collection panels and heater and storage tanks into two separate elements with pipe and plumbing systems connecting them. Storage tanks are usually located by the side of your house or inside if you have space while the collection panel is on your roof.

Which One is Best?

There is no simple answer, both systems are as efficient as each other so it mainly comes down to roof space, how much power you require and the visual aspect. All Ways Plumbings solar expert will discuss this with you fully to help you make the right choice.

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Solar System Rebates

The Australian govt offers rebates on switching or supplementing your energy systems with solar power. These rebates can vary wildly depending on what you’re buying, where you are and when you’re buying. Your solar hot water adviser at AWP will help you discover and how to apply for any rebate that is available at the time and plan the right moment to qualify.

Solar System Prices

As each solar hot water system installation is unique and has many deciding factors, we always provided a full, free, no-obligation quote. We’ll answer all your questions and will always give theist impartial advice as we are not tied to just one manufacturer.


Is solar hot water worth the cost?

For most people, the answer is a definite “yes!”. The upfront cost and the savings over time will quickly save you money overall. The sooner you have it, the sooner you will start saving, especially with energy costs rising worldwide presently

Are solar hot water systems reliable?

Yes, the current generation of solar systems are incredibly reliable. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last 25 years to make systems more reliable, smaller as well as more efficient

What solar systems do you supply?

We can supply any manufacturer available except a few that only supply direct. We have no ties to just one supplier so our advice is always impartial and based on your needs, not ours

How long does a solar hot water system take to install?

Depending on the type and location and access our team normally allows for half a day up to a full day

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