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Sewer Repairs and Unblocking by Expert Plumbers in the Umina Beach Area

Blocked sewer lines can quickly become a major disruption and health hazard. Many sewer lines are old ad corroded or have been damaged over time, causing them to collapse, leak or get blocked.

You’ll need a plumber with a CCTV drain camera to inspect the sewer line and find the problem area or areas to fully diagnose the cause. Once this has been done we can use the right technique to rectify the problem and get your sewage system working properly again asap. All Ways Plumbing has all the tools and experience to fix your sewage problem quickly and effectively.

Causes of Blocked Sewer Lines

There are many causes of sewers becoming blocked, but here are the most common ones:

  • Too much paper or unintended debris flushed down toilets
  • Grease, oil or fat congealing and building up in the sewer
  • Cracked or broken pipes due to age
  • Corrosion over time of older metal pipes
  • Nearby excavations causing damage
  • Tree roots damaging pipes

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Unblocking Sewers

Unblocking sewers is relatively straightforward most of the time, we can find and clear the blockage in multiple ways. Sometimes your sewers just need unblocking with high-pressure water jetting. This will clean out the affected area of any excess build up of waste. Most sewer problems are just blockages.

Sewer Renewal

Occasionally a whole section of a sewer line may be beyond repair and need renewing which is a much larger job. We will have investigated all other solutions before we undertake any renewal work as this is a much bigger job and will require more time. Still, luckily AWP has all the tools and experience necessary to carry out such work.

Sewer Repairs

Sometimes sewers need repairing, they can collapse due to age, nearby excavations or tree roots growing into them. We will first inspect the sewer system to locate where the issue is and then work out if it can be repaired. More often than not the pipes can be repaired with pipe relining meaning we don’t need to dig down to access and repair the pipes which is much more costly and time-consuming. AWP will find the cause first and advise on the best solution to fix your sewer problem.

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