Rain Water Tank Installation

Rain Water Tank InstallationDespite Government’s incentive plan geared towards new homes and buildings to conserve water, a large majority of home owners still wonder if rain water tank installation is actually worth it!

Rain water storage tanks collect run-off water from the roofs of your home or commercial building, and have a number of benefits.

As Plumber in Central Coast New South Wales, we believe that rain water tank installation can significantly:

  • Reduce your use of mains water, for extra purposes such as toilet flushing, watering the greens or washing your car, thereby slashing your monthly water bills to a huge extent.
  • Save fresh water for other important uses such as cooking, cleaning and drinking
  • Help protect the environment by keeping water bodies clean from pollutants avoiding downstream flooding.

Thinking of rain water tank installation in your residential or commercial property in Umina Beach but not quite sure which rain water tank size best fits your household needs and capture maximum rain water each time!

We have installed hundreds of Rain Water Tanks in Central Coast especially in Umina Beach, for household that want to play their part as responsible citizens and also wish to save some money on their water bills.