5 Bathroom Renovation Tips to Rejuvenate the Look!

Are you a bathroom person and feel that your space can use some aesthetic magic to bring a smile on your face every time you walk in? Guess what? Your bathroom needs some remodeling to spruce up the look.
Bathrooms are quickly becoming an area of your home where you can inject your personality and put your creative juices at work! Take a look at some of the things you can consider when pursuing simple bathroom renovations to rejuvenate the look!

1.Install New Tapware

One of the simplest ways to bring a neat classy look is to decorate your space is to incorporate some trendy and chic tapware and shower head as part of your bathroom renovations.
Look for a design that complements the overall theme and can be carried forward to match other bathroom accessories. Make sure to get advice from a licensed plumber to ensure that the tapware you are selecting is suitable for the water pressure in your home and is water efficient to save you money in the long run.

2.Introduce A Bathtub

Long gone are the days when bathrooms were used for utilitarian purposes! A free-standing bathtub is all you need to transform your bathroom into the ultimate luxury spot! If you are doing a bathroom renovation and you are short on space, you can still make a strong design statement with a wall to wall fixed bathtub! However, bathtubs are heavy and large and their installation must be left to a professional plumber in central coast!

3.Replace The Flooring

Over time your bathroom flooring gets stained and cracked. An important consideration can be the durability, water-resistance, ease of cleaning and comfort to bare feet when selecting new bathroom flooring. Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are some of the popular choices among modern home owners. Replacing bathroom flooring is not a DIY job and calls for professional plumbing services.

4.Remodel The Shower Area

From open concept shower areas to standard shower stalls, there can be a number of considerations when undertaking a shower remodeling project. From installing a hand shower on rail to a wall mounted or ceiling mounted shower head, you need to consider the space you need to allocate to the shower area as well as the flooring and the walls around it. Hiring a plumber specialising in bathroom renovations can help you create a shower area that’s not only built to last but offers maximum style and functionality for people of all ages and abilities.

5.Upgrade The Vanity Basins

Being one of the most used fixtures of your bathroom, basins may start leaking or get permanently stained or damaged over time, and might call for replacement. A professional plumber can make sure your new basin is properly sealed with the vanity unit, drainage is correctly joined to the shower or bath waste and water supply is restored after replacement.

If you are planning to give your home a fresh new look, bathrooms could be the ideal place to start with! From new tapware, to shower area remodeling, bathtub installation, flooring make-over and basin replacement, you can add more personality and a touch of elegance to your space with small and simple bathroom renovation ideas.
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