Leaking Taps, Toilets And Pipes – Do High Water Bills Indicate A Problem With Your Plumbing System?

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your water bills? Leaking tapsleaking toiletsleaking pipes and leaking hot water tanks could be some of the leading reasons.

Are you wondering where is all this water going when your consumption has remained the same? It’s time to check some of the most important components of your homes’ plumbing system, or call for professional help from your nearest Emergency Plumber in Central Coast New South Wales.

If you want to investigate what’s actually causing such high water bills, generally you need to look for the following signs:

Leaking Taps

That constant dripping can slowly drive you crazy, but sometimes your taps may be silently leaking without you ever noticing them.

So it’s time to play detective and check all the taps in your household for possible leaks. Usually worn-out washers in your taps are the most common reason for leaking taps. Other problems include dripping near the handle that can slowly stain your sink and faucets leaving permanent ugly marks. Sometimes your taps are not installed correctly causing improper water flow. In either case, you must never turn a blind eye to leaking taps no matter how small the water wastage is. Make sure you contact a skilled Plumber in Umina Beach to fix your problem at the earliest.

Leaking Toilets

Just as messy and disgusting leaking toilets can be, they can waste gallons of water per month if not attended on time. The most common cause of leaking toilets is loose seal where the toilet meets the floor. Leaking toilets can result in spongy flooring, ugly stains, and foul smell. Since fixing a leaking toilet is no simple job, ask your local Plumber in Umina Beach to put an end to the nuisance as quickly as possible.

Leaking pipes

While leaking taps and leaking toilets are easy to detect, leaking pipes don’t usually show until they have already caused significant damage to your property. Hidden in between your walls or in the ceiling, leaking pipes can weaken the building structure and cause damp spots.

If you are experiencing high water bills, it’s always advisable to get an experienced professional plumber in Central Coast, NSW, to check your household’s water pipes for possible leaks or cracks. If left unattended, leaking pipes rust, rot and actually burst causing flooding on your property.

Leaking hot water tanks

Another common reason for high water bills could be a leaking hot water tank.

Leaking hot water tanks are a major cause of concern since they don’t only reduce the efficiency of your water heater but also reduce its life if left unattended. You might also notice frequently running out of hot water if you have a leaking hot water tank. If you suspect a leak, check for puddles near the base of your hot water heater and call for professional help to get your system repaired.

Are you facing any of the above mentioned problems? We are highly skill and licensed professional plumbers in Central Coast NSW, and can help fix your water leaks in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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