Going Green? 5 Benefits of Solar Hot Water System in Central Coast NSW!

If you are looking for an environment friendly and pocket friendly option, solar hot water system in Central Coast NWS, could be the right solution to your needs.

Irrespective of the season, the demand of hot water in homes in Australia remains more or less the same. Homeowners in Central Coast, New South Wales struggling to keep their monthly bills to the minimum find it hard to contain the costs with so much hot water consumption for daily household chores such as laundry and cooking and personal use such as washing and bathing.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why it’s time to ask your local Plumber in Central Coast NSW, to replace your building’s old hot water heaters with a new solar hot water system.

1. Solar Hot Water Systems Can Make You Energy Independent

Solar water heaters uses the naturally renewable energy of sunlight and hence reduces the reliance of homeowners on other sources of energy such as gas or electricity. As long as the sun shines your water heaters get a reliable energy input to supply you enough hot water to be used during the day.

The only time you will have to rely on alternate sources of energy, will be when the hot water heater is not being charged by the solar energy, i.e. during the night.

2. Solar Hot Water System Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Imagine your water is being heated for free from the sun! While the upfront installation costs for solar hot water systems can be a lot more than with traditional hot water heaters, you end up saving as much as 90% on your water heating bills in the long-run. This figure varies from place to place, depending upon the average time the sun shines in an area during the day.

Given the rise in energy costs globally as well as in Australia, this can result in a lot of savings for an average household.

3. Solar Water Heaters Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Those home owners who want to play their part as responsible and nature loving citizens, solar hot water systems are an environment-friendly solution.

An average family comprising of 4 members can save up to 3-4 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year in comparison to gas or electric water heaters. Having a solar hot water system can not only save energy for future generations to come but also protect the environment and the planet from pollution.

4. With Solar Hot Water Systems, You May Be Eligible For Rebate

Besides saving your costs in terms of your monthly water heating bills, government is rewarding home owners who prefer to go for a greener option for their daily water heating needs.

In this regard, you might be eligible for a government rebate at the time of installing a solar hot water system depending upon the region you live in.

5. Solar Water Heaters Lasts Longer

While conventional hot water heaters may last for up to 7-8 years, solar hot water systems will still continue to fulfill your family’s hot water needs, while your neighbours are replacing their conventional systems.

Do you want to replace your gas or electric hot water heaters with solar hot water system? As Emergency Plumbers in Central Coast New South Wales, we can help you move towards a greener and cost-effective solar option.

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